Creek Bend Gardens


Enhancement to existing Creek Bend Gardens were installed over two years- 2019,2020. The focus of the new gardens and additions was to add vegetable & herb gardens, more adaptive and native plantings, and to brighten the garden. Additionally, the 5 acre property was accessed for overall health, and some invasive species are in the process of being omitted. Meanwhile native species are being enhanced, highlighted, and added. A pollinator garden was created in order to support habitat and there were some big surprises at the end with giant sunflower seeds that weren't expected! Volunteers helped to install the gardens and new trees for diversity in 2020. The garden has been designated a Wildlife Habitat Garden by National Wildlife Federation. Adoringly the garden was blessed by Roshi Sarah Bender in 2020 with a Garden Blessing Ceremony

Plants have been installed with regard to deer resistance, high elevation, and fire-wise considerations. The garden is habitat for bear, hummingbirds, owls, many bird species, snakes, deer, and many pollinator species who help to create balance and healthy ecosystem. The food grown includes tomatoes, lettuces, kale, carrots, peas, beets, a medley of herbs and is often shared with neighbors & community. An old creek that runs through the back of the property once water back in the day for the gardens. An up-to-date irrigation system is now in place that provides efficient & smart watering according to plant needs and Colorado climate.