The Deb's Gardening team's combined years of experience and knowledge is what also make us one of the premier gardening companies in Colorado.  Deb and her team are committed to customer satisfaction and gardens that are special and well cared for.  We adapt to the unique needs of your garden and pay attention to the details that are special to you. Our team takes pride in the operations of the company and the care of your garden.  

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" -- Aristotle



Regan Arntzen, Crew Supervisor


Years playing in the Dirt: Regan's experience in landscaping and community garden combined with years of restaurant management bring a wonderful combination to the supervisory position to DG.

Favorite Garden Tool:  tbd

Hobbies:  Fly-fishing, hiking, tennis and Golf. 


Brooke Roberts, Lead Gardener & Plant Specialist

Years with Deb's Gardening: 9

Favorite Garden Tool:  

Favorite Aspect of Gardening: Not sitting at a desk or at a computer

Years Playing in the Dirt:  Since making mud pies in my youth

Hobbies: Music, painting, and restoration work of many types of materials


Kim is fondly known for the gardener who wears the ridiculous large hat -- she is not a member of a mariachi band.


Jack VanLancker, Administrative Assistant, Gardener

Years with Deb's Gardening: 3

Favorite Garden Tool:  

Favorite Aspect of Gardening:  




Sean Alexander, Gardener


Years with Deb's Gardening: 2

Holly Hernandez, Gardener

Years with Deb's Gardening: 2

Lisa Hovenga, Gardener

Years with Deb's Gardening: 2

Chris Weis, Gardener

Years with Deb's Gardening: 1


Linda Hodges, Contracted Gardener

Years with Deb's Gardening: Since the beginning of time...

Accounting Solutions, Contracted CFO

Luis Irrigation Service, Contracted Irrigation Expert


~It Takes A Village~