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Since 2005 Deb's Gardening has been implementing handcrafted, imported Italian pottery in award-winning designs and most recently was awarded the ALCC Grand Award for container gardening. Bella Fleur Imports is owned and operated by Debbie Stavish and offers a wide selection of frost-proof, quality terra cotta pottery for Colorado homes, patios, and gardens. These classic artisan pots are durable in the Colorado weather and offer many options for convenient, low-maintenance container gardens with water-wise irrigation.  Because Bella Fleur is proud to offer such exquisite Italian artwork for your landscape, we are offering a10% Discount on all pottery when combined with a landscape design from Deb's Gardening.  


To view this fine, Italian pottery please view our website gallery, or email us today at [email protected] to arrange a consultation.  Below, Debbie addresses the advantages of container gardening, specifically with Italian pottery, while on Denver's Channel 7 News.














History of Impruneta Collection

The world's finest clay comes from Impruneta, a small village nestled in the Tuscan hills a short distance from Florence, Italy. Blessed with land that is naturally high in iron, copper, calcium and aluminum, the town has been well known for its exceptional quality terra cotta (cooked earth) and craftsmanship for centuries.  Hard gray earth is mined from the surrounding hillsides, ground to a powder, and mixed with water to make this course bodied clay.  It develops its reknown pale, pink color after the firing process and is able to endure even the coldest climates without flaking or crumbling.  This, along with the hand of a skilled artisan, makes the Impruneta collection the absolute best available.  


In 2007, Debbie Stavish documented her trip to Impruneta to meet well-known artisan Enzo Zago and learn more about the craftsmanship behind this unique pottery. According to Debbie, "What I learned the most from my trip is how the Italians maximize their use of space while keeping it extremely beautiful.  I also appreciate their attention to detail. I was especially inspired to come back and utilize the Italian pottery to maximize the use of space for my clients in Colorado." To view more photos from Deb's Italy trip, view our Italian Inspiration Gallery in our website Portfolio.