Alice was surprised to hear the tiger lily speak, and she asked, "Can all the flowers talk?" to which he replied, "As well they can, and a great deal louder."  -- excerpt from Alice in Wonderland


Beyond the initial landscape design, Deb's Gardening is fully equipped to oversee the installation and maintenance of all our designs.  Our approach to building the landscapes and garden areas we design is relative to the client's unique environment, taking into consideration how light, color, and our relationship to the Earth extends beyond ourselves. Taking cues from the mandala, the Sanskrit word for circle, we approach the design process in a way that organizes shapes and structures around a unifying center. This helps to create an organized, calm, natural space that is both comforting and aesthetically pleasing. 


Although Deb's Gardening is skilled at transforming large outdoor spaces, our expertise in smaller garden "vignettes" makes us appealing to homeowners. The best gardens are those that are properly cared for; therefore, we provide a complete maintenance schedule for a healthy garden.  Your garden should be a place of respite and refuge for you. Our team ensures that your garden is healthy and well cultivated. When your garden is healthy, it supports beauty and energy to keep you healthy. Contact us at [email protected] for garden maintenance. 20212021