What is involved in a Deb's Gardening Consultation? Debbie comes directly to your garden and helps you with questions, ideas, concepts and more. Some things we might talk about during a consultation include:


  1. What should I do with my backyard? 
  2. How can I make my garden more water conservative but keep it pretty?
  3. What kind of trees are these?
  4. Is this a weed?
  5. Is my irrigation system efficient?
  6. How do I prune my shrubs?   

A consultation visit is conceptual and general, although there may be time during the visit to discuss specific design ideas. For example: What kind of trees should we plant? Evergreen or deciduous? And what particular kind? And how about colors? This is considered design. We offer those services too as a more extensive service.


Contact us at [email protected] to set up a consultation