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Here we are coming out of a pandemic, and maybe we feel a little disoriented, sad, and what about hopeful? Spring is upon us and the perfect time to plant a tree. But honestly, any time is the perfect time! Planting a tree marks a start- it's grounding. Planting a tree is rewarding & can't help but uplift the spirits. Planting a tree is for present satisfaction and a gift for the future. It's a remarkable endeavor that everyone should somehow accomplish at least one time in their lives. 

I love going back to sites where I planted trees years ago and noticing their maturity. There's just something special about that. Not that I birthed them, but I did plant them into their forever home. It feels deeply good to revisit trees that you've planted! 


No matter what constitutes your garden, trees are a fundamental foundation of it. They offer structure, focal points, shade, protection, interest, and of course, oxygen for humans. 


I often have clients request to plant the largest size possible when they want a tree and that's ok. What it reveals is that we want something as large as possible and as quickly as possible. This is understandable too. And yet relative to most plants in the garden, a tree's growth is slow. This points to a few things. One, if you're thinking of planting a tree, the time to do it is now. Secondly, although it might feel like it will take forever for it to grow to full maturity, that's not necessarily true. As a lot of us now, time moves quickly and you'll be surprised by noticing this with regard to  your tree's growth. 

Colorado Springs most recent extreme wind storm took hundreds of trees from us. Primarily blue spruces. This equates to habitat being lost for wildlife, aesthetic values of homes and neighborhoods negatively affected, biodiversity of the garden at large being affected. It is important that the number trees lost is quickly restored so as to not create a gap in progression and maturity of the Colorado Springs urban forest.

What Kind to Plant? So what can you do? Don't be intimidated by the endeavor of planting a tree. Your local nursery or tree farm will be able to guide you with wise selections of the best tree for your garden. You'll want to especially consider its mature size with regard to your home's location and size of yard. Find the right tree for the right spot. Colorado Tree Coalition and the city provide lists of trees with regard to sizes, sunlight available at the site, would you like the tree for privacy- think evergreen. Perhaps you'd like to harvest cherries and help the robins- cherry tree. Or you'd love a gorgeous specimen from which to gaze at from your window- maybe an autumn brilliance serviceberry. 

How to plant it? This can feel daunting. A tree is perhaps the biggest investment you'll make in your landscape. It's going to be there for a very long time- and yes possibly beyond your lifetime. It might outlive you! You might move. Choose wisely! You are gifting the future.  

Deciding to plant a tree might feel daunting- what kind to pick? from where? what size? Deciduous or evergreen? How long will I have to wait to see it get big? How do I plant it? Do not let this deter you from a very rewarding experience and endeavor. You are planting for the present and the future. This is a big deal- take the necessary steps to do it right not only for you, but for the future - think beyond you. 


Tree planting is available to each and all of us. I can tell you it almost always takes two to plant a tree. That's cool in itself. Secondly, if you don't have a garden, there are many opportunities to plant as a volunteer. Arbor Day offers this possibility and happens in the spring. Check out 


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Your Very Special Ordinary Backyard creates Habit, Home and Health for All


Did you know that your very own ordinary backyard is actually very special existing habitat that contributes to a healthy habitat and therefore ecosystem? And when ecosystem is healthy, an environment is created which supports healthy humans. Pretty cool right? Yes right there in your own garden rests  homes for microorganisms, birds, butterflies and even you. How many habitat inhabitants can you count in the "Home" painting by commissioned artist Amy Frank. When all is healthy at this level, the larger picture is healthy- can you feel this in the painting? Also there is wonder, joy, mystery, passion, respite, refuge, reflection- Woa! So much! Yes truly. No need to go far for exploration or outing, it’s all right here.

The more we care and pay attention to our gardens, no matter how tiny, the more we care for ourselves, our families, and our community. For those without access to gardens, I urge you to visit your community gardens and parks. Even a few pots full of plants and tomatoes will provide this setting and bring comfort & joy.

Treasures await us in gardens if we just look. Sometimes there awaits instantaneous surprises! A deer and baby, wild ducks in the pond, a robin with a nest full of fledglings- so obvious. Sometimes we have to sit patiently and wait. Here we might notice as we relax and not think so much that we aren't so separate from the garden. Here we might realize that we are possibly more connected to its doings than we realize. 

What treasures await you in your garden? What can be added to create sanctuary for yourself and/or others? How do you feel in your garden in the morning, mid-day, evening? What might enhance that experience? Perhaps a shady spot for relaxation? Maybe some moon garden plantings? Or plants to attract musical and whimsical hummingbirds? A little pond in which the grandkids can catch polliwogs, a butterfly house or pollinator motel... all of this enhance a place of home which is essential for well-being. 

I wish you all of this and more. If you don't have access to this kind of place, please contact me so that I can help and direct you to resources which provide such habitat and wonder. Deb’s Gardening donates a garden once a year to those in need. Please contact us if you or someone you know might qualify for this offering. 





Contact Deb's Gardening at to set up a consultation on how you can make your garden an integral part of our ecosystem.

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