Debbie has always been proud of the Deb's Gardening team.  Their combined years of experience and knowledge of gardening help to make Deb's Gardening one of the premier landscape companies in Colorado Springs.  Deb and her team are committed to customer satisfaction and a finished landscape that is eco-sensitive. While treading lightly, each team member works diligently to add his or her personal touch to the project, while having fun in the process. 

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" -- Aristotle




Sherry South, Crew Manager

Years with Deb's Gardening:  3

Years playing in the Dirt:  10 + 

Favorite Garden Tool:  Hori-hori of course!  It's a Japanese weed ninja! 

Background: BS degree from CSU in landscape horticulture and design, a Certified Colorado Gardener, and a Landscape Industry Certified Professional through PLANET, a nationally recognized organization.

Hobbies:  Snowboarding, Tough Mudders, hiking, running, and traveling

Sherry finds excitement in seeing wildlife enjoying the fruit of her labor, and she enjoys hanging out with friends and family savoring local microbrews.  


Clarence "Tip" Harris, Gardener & Crew Trainer

Years with Deb's Gardening:  8

Favorite Garden Tool:  Hori-hori knife -- it's the most versatile

Favorite Garden Website:  CSU Extension Service website -- it answers any question about trees, shrubs, plants, and more

Hobbies:  Photography, hiking, traveling, and music


Tip's father bred hybrid roses and other flowers, which inspired Tip to enjoy gardening.  In his spare time, he practices and teaches Aikido, enjoys being outdoors, and spends time at his cabin with family.


Carrie Reece, Gardener

Years with Deb's Gardening:  2

Years playing in the Dirt: Many -- has a degree in anthropology and an interest in archaeology, and has worked on small organic farms cultivating her intrigue with animal husbandry, beekeeping, off-the-grid living, and gardening.

Favorite Garden Tool:  Hands down the Hori-hori -- it's such a multifunctional tool

Hobbies:  Outdoors, hiking 14-ers, wild foraging, and growing medicinal herbs, cooking, baking


Carrie enjoys camping, backpacking treks, the Colorado hot springs, and has been climbing 14-ers with her father since childhood. She loves working with her hands, and appreciates the teamwork aspect of creating beautiful landscapes for others to enjoy.


Kim Phillips, Gardener 

Years with Deb's Gardening: 5

Favorite Garden Tool:  Usually one I don't have and need to add to the collection

Favorite Aspect of Gardening: Not sitting at a desk or at a computer

Years Playing in the Dirt:  Since making mud pies in my youth

Hobbies: Music, painting, and restoration work of many types of materials


Kim is fondly known for the gardener who wears the ridiculous large hat -- she is not a member of a mariachi band.


Brooke Roberts, Gardener 

Years with Deb's Gardening: 4

Favorite Garden Tool:  John Deere Gator -- it's efficient and carries everything you need for gardening

Favorite Aspect of Gardening:  I've enjoyed working in the garden most of my life since growing up helping my mom with gardening

Hobbies: Art, hiking, reading, and drawing

Brooke enjoys studying Korean and even though she seems shy, she always welcomes a friendly hello.

Betsy Duff, Gardener 

Years with Deb's Gardening: 1

Favorite Garden Tool:  

Favorite Aspect of Gardening:  


Betsy enjoys rockcliming in her spare time!